Naked Honeycomb


If you have ever wished for just the honeycomb, your wish has come true! No matter what you call it, honeycomb is one of the most unique confections we make. Your bite is a crispy sensation that begins to melt in your mouth. Someone said it’s like a “crispy cotton candy”. Others have said it’s a “Butterfinger texture without the peanut butter” and still others say “a light burnt sugar flavor”. Indeed, it is hard to describe as it has a texture and flavor all its own. It is crunchy and airy all at the same time. We cut our slabs of honeycomb into various size pieces and bag them up immediately to keep it fresh and amazing.

Honeycomb is also known as: sponge candy, fairy food, sea foam and angel food candy. So fun and really delicious!

Available in 1/4# bags (it’s a lot in the bag because it is very light)!

Gluten Free.

Product is packaged in decorative/seasonal cello bags.

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