Sugar Free Rocky Road


A very rare treat as sugar free marshmallows are not widely made. Ours are delicious – we couple them with walnuts and drench them both with sugar free dark chocolate! You won’t believe it’s sugar free – the taste is so good!

Sugar free Rocky Road bark is made with our amazing milk or dark sugar free chocolate, pieces of fresh walnuts and small marshmallows. Barks are poured in a large pan and then broken up into various sized pieces. All the ingredients are immersed in our sugar free chocolate to insure goodness in every single bite! There has to be a perfect balance with not one of the ingredients taking center stage – all of them have to meld together to create the perfect taste. Each bite has to achieve this! With over 25 years of testing (just think how many test bites that is) we can tell you that we are there! Each and every piece is packed full! Available in milk or dark chocolate.
You won’t believe it’s sugar free, that is how good it is!

Gluten Free.

Product is packaged in decorative/seasonal cello bags.

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